Pushkar Camel Fair - Introduction

Pushkar is a small town located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, and is one of the holiest Hindu sites in India. Itís sacred lake is dedicated to Brahma, the Lord of Creation, and is surrounded by bathing ghats and innumerable temples. These temples are home to the Sadhus, who are people who have renounced all wordly possessions and roam India seeking enlightenment.

Rajasthan is a semi desert state, situated west of Delhi and extends across to the Pakistan border. Its population is made up of the very colourful and friendly Rajputs, whose ancestors were proud warriors, renowned for their magnificent and often invincible fortresses, which also contain elaborate palaces within. It is a colourful vibrant part of India with a great diversity in scenery and people.


Once a year, during the full moon in November, Pushkar is transformed into the worlds biggest camel and cattle fair. This fair is predominantly a rural gathering, with thousands of the colourful and friendly Rajasthani villagers attending. During the day, camels are raced, paraded, bought and sold, whilst at night, the desert air is filled with the sounds of the distinctive Rajasthani folk music.



This trip combines the Pushkar Camel Fair with a tour taking in all the best sights that Rajasthan can offer - New Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Bharatpur and Agra.


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