Bali Motor Bike Tour

BALI - This island is one of the worlds popular holiday destinations with lush tropical jungles, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, great shopping and plenty of nightlife. It's a small island (approx 140 km x 80 km) and is one of the many islands which make up the archipelago of Indonesia. It's volcanically active, extremely fertile and has a central mountain chain which runs the whole length of the island with some peaks up to 3150 m or 10500 ft. The rich volcanic soil and dependable rainfall provides Bali with a complex patchwork of rice terraces. The Balinese are a friendly, warm and religious people who love life and are extremely proud of their beautiful island.

LEGIAN - Situated right on the beach Legian has the full array of restaurants and shops making this an ideal place to stay at the beginning and end of the trip.

UBUD - This small town is situated in the hills and is the artistic centre of Bali. Western artists and intellectuals began visiting Ubud in the 1930ís and they provided the stimulus to the local community who used this knowledge to promote and enhance the traditional Balinese art, culture and handicrafts of which Ubud has become renowned for.

PENELOKEN - Visit the ancient and important temples of Tampaksiring and Besakih before arriving at Peneloken. This town is located high in the mountains and is situated on the lip of the Mt Batur crater. The views across the wide crater and lake towards Mt. Batur are spectacular. Mt Batur is still active with huge lava flows which have solidified and cover a big area. There are hot thermal springs and many villages around the lakes edge.

LOVINA BEACH - Situated on the northern coast and near Singaraja which was the centre of Dutch power and has some fine Dutch architecture. Lovina Beach is a popular beach resort with plenty of shops, restaurants and nightlife, but is also very laid back and quiet making it an ideal base to explore northern Bali. There is excellent snorkelling, dolphin watching, Buddhist temples, fishing villages, hot thermal springs and waterfalls.

BEDUGUL - Situated high in the mountains and located by a beautiful lake with picturesque temples, botanical gardens, colourful markets and a variety of water sports on the lake.

TANAH LOT - This temple is perched on a rocky islet surrounded by the sea and is the most important and venerated sea temple in Bali.  



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